🚨 Update 0.2.1 Released 🚨

So proud to announce a new update! I worked very hard on this, and I'm so happy to share it with you.

What's New in 0.2.1

  • Gang Beasts style physicalized animation!
  • Bird noises!
  • Health, metabolism, loss of consciousness! However, you cannot eat! (Only death allowed.)
  • You can brutally bludgeon other birds with your fists!
  • New experimental subliminal messaging UI experience!
  • New secret location!
  • Ambient soundscapes!
  • Crawling, flipping, getting up!
  • Respawning!
  • Patreon Valley! A valley and temple in the mountains with the names of all my Patreon patrons emblazened on the walls!
  • Choose how many birds you want to spawn!
  • Camera now doesn't clip through the ground!
  • Eyes now point in the right direction!
  • No more sliding down 20 degree inclines!

Thanks for your support!

This has been a heck of an update to bring you! I have worked on it almost every day for three weeks, sometimes for more than 8 hours a day.

Consider supporting me on Patreon so I can justify the time I put toward this project! I would appreciate it very much, it would let me focus on this project even more, and you can get your name into Patreon Valley in all future versions of the game! It also gives you special recognition on my Discord!

- papa


Bird by Example - Alpha 0.2.1 (Windows) 89 MB
Jun 04, 2019
Bird by Example - Alpha 0.2.1 (Mac OS X) 111 MB
Jun 04, 2019
Bird by Example - Alpha 0.2.1 (Linux) 99 MB
Jun 04, 2019

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I am both confused and impressed. But what do we do with the birds? Have you thought about adding like grabbing objects, eating, or tribes? (like you pick a color, and can train different tribes to do different things). I really do like the indi look and crazy wacky feel but playing it is a bit shallow right now.