A downloadable student game for Windows

A 2016 student game project from the Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT).

Made by:
Noah Burkholder
Adrienne Locher-Lo
Quinn MacDonald
Rina Narciso

The Project

Fathom was a two week project from my classmates and I centered around a non-linear level design prompt. We settled on making a color-based puzzle game where there were multiple ways to traverse the radial world design.

You control Pebble, a small rock who propels through the water using air bubbles. You start in an underwater cave, and must find your way to the surface, escaping the cave.

Clicking and holding the left mouse button mouse pushes you away from the cursor, and holding right mouse button will slowly release your accumulated color into the water.

(Click for gameplay spoilers.)

Unlock new areas by mixing the color your friends give you. Once your own color matches that of a ray of light, you can shatter a rock, and continue onward, unlocking new areas and friends.

Different colors manifest with different physical properties, so you'll become heavier, or more buoyant, or more energetic, as you gain and mix colors.

Install instructions

Just download, extract the .zip file, and run Fathom.exe.

It can take a while to start. Just be patient!


Fathom - Beta 0.4.1 (Windows) 28 MB

Development log

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